Amelia Zinke

Amelia ZINKE worked for 27 years for The LINDE Group in a wide range of international management positions in marketing and finance. Her achievements here included managing the CEO's office, building up the structures of Group companies in Eastern and Western Europe and Asia and being responsible for Mergers & Acquisitions and Finance throughout Linde Gas worldwide. As a director, she developed a start-up company for Linde in 4 countries in parallel. Since 1999, she has worked regularly in Maghreb and has been responsible, among other things, for the organizational development of the group subsidiaries in Algeria and Tunisia and for supporting market development in North Africa.

Her long-standing contacts with administrations, federations, embassies, political entities and with commerce and industry in Maghreb and Berlin mean that she is the ideal person to tackle and solve intercultural challenges. With her experience as a member of the Board of the German-African Business Association and Vice-President of the German-Algerian and German-Tunisian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, she works successfully for German and African companies at improving bilateral commercial relations.


In her management positions to date, she has been responsible for up to 300 employees. Constructive communication and the appropriate leadership of people have supported her dialogue as a contact partner, mentor and coach for employees. She passes on her extensive practical experience in practically based management seminars which cover topics such as the leadership of teams, conflict management, giving professional feedback and creating an awareness of the mutual responsibilities and obligations of management and staff.

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