Appearance and Effect (with Frank Behnke)

In both our professional and our private lives, the effect we have personally directly affects our communicative behaviour and thus also our acceptance by our opposite number.


Our aim is to position you impressively as a personality within the framework of contract negotiations, staff interviews and dealings with your customers. The integrated approach, supported by techniques used in acting, ensures an even balance between the content that is consciously understood and the authentic effect that is sensed.


Through our intensive, practical approach combined with video analysis, you can discover the potential that lies within you and increase your expressive skills and perceived presence.


Company seeks employees


In the face of demographic change and increasingly more globally focussed experiences, the successful search for suitable management and specialist staff is facing new challenges.


In selecting their future activity, applicants attach particular value to authentic glimpses into the working world of the company. Factors such as the work-life balance, identification with the company, combining a family and a career and a good working atmosphere are ultimately what makes them decide irrevocably whether your company suits them.


With their many years of media experience, Frank Behnke and Stefan Lincke will discover the particular, authentic story behind your company. You and your employees will be prepared by very specific, carefully tailored media training for your personal presentation in the recruitment film. And yet you, as a person, remain in the central focus, showing emotions and presenting your company authentically and credibly – whether this is on your website or in the social media.


In this way, it becomes possible for applicants to develop an initial "gut feeling" about the company that has been presented. Furthermore, you strengthen your brand as an employer and improve the quality of your potential candidates.



Recruiting Films/Employer Branding (with Frank Behnke + Stefanl Lincke)

Press and Media Training basic und advanced (with Frank Behnke)

The “Press and Media Training” seminar aims to increase your confidence to the maximum in your dealings with press representatives and appearances in the media.


The focus is on handling journalists confidently, combined with creative conversational skills and quick-wittedness in responding to unfair arguments and attacks. As a complement to this, a change in perspective towards seeing the needs of the press and media branch will create an atmosphere of mutual respect and gain you a few extra popularity points at the same time.

Finding the right balance to ensure the most effective placing of your key statements and independently shaping the personal impact you have are skills that are applied practically in real interview situations. This integrated approach is rounded off by training in how to deal professionally with the camera and microphone so that you can adopt a more structured approach.


Your Voice (with Frank Behnke)

Voice and mood – an inseparable connection.


The voice is the mirror of the soul. It makes up a good third of the overall impact you have. The sound of your voice reveals your inner attitude and your personal state more clearly than anything else.

Here, the aim is to increase your vocal presence through the use of techniques from theatre and opera.


You will be able to work on different phonetic and articulation-related challenges in practical exercises and to reflect on these using sound recordings. In addition, you will generate authentic mood pictures to create an appropriate vocal colour and give your voice expression.


In this way, you can ensure that your messages are “seen” by the ears of your listeners and that the sound of your voice will stay in their memory.



Intercultural Communication Skills (with Amelia Zinke & Frank Behnke)

Creating an empathy with international customers and markets is a major success factor in opening up new areas of business.


Every interpersonal encounter in an intercultural context should be marked by respect, tolerance and unbiased curiosity in order to produce a stable relationship and, ultimately, a successful collaboration. This seminar therefore supports you in developing important key skills during presentations and negotiations as managers and professionals in transnational corporations.   


A comprehensive knowledge of your own impact on foreign cultures will give you a new confidence in your intercultural communication skills. A constructive attitude to cultural diversity will motivate you to grow still further in the international arena.


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