Iska Schreglmann

As an experienced radio and television host (BR, ARD alpha, etc.), filmmaker and author, Iska Schreglmann is well-versed in all varieties of public appearance and the media.

Her work in radio and television has been awarded numerous prizes.


With a degree in communications, this certified editor (DJS) has been working as a freelance media and communications trainer for Dax-listed businesses and institutions since 2001.


In her traditional media training, Iska Schreglmann prepares executives to navigate tricky interview situations. As a science journalist, she is specialized in providing techniques to enable complex and abstract content to be clearly and convincingly communicated.


A particular focus of her work is storytelling: An effective way to bring speakers’ own personality to bear authentically and always in the service of the matter at hand.


Iska Schreglmann is especially committed to empowering her clients to set their own priorities in communication - whether while interacting with the media, employees or on the big stage.


Always according to the motto: Act, do not react!

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