Stefan Lincke

The lawyer, TV production manager and photographer Stefan Lincke started his film and television career in 1995 as a script continuity and production assistant at Grundy Ufa TV Produktions GmbH.


In the subsequent years, he worked successfully as a casting director and HR manager in the acting world for various production companies before striking out on his own in Berlin in 2005. In 2006 he and Romana Gawlik founded LEX NELSON media pool.


He became interested in theatre and photography early on in life.


His love of acting, telling stories and directing combined with his lively enthusiasm for photography led to the logical conclusion of bringing these creative passions together so that they could be expressed in photography.


Finding the story and the true essence of what he is photographing and expressing this in an accepting, trusting atmosphere is Stefan Lincke’s constant ambition.


His photos are marked by the unique nature of the event and of the people he photographs and by the prevailing mood, and aim to reveal the totality of the person portrayed to the viewer.



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