systemische aufstellung

systemic constellation

Systemic Self-Integration (with Erika Behnke)

Lasting conflicts in professional life are a psychological burden that weakens our motivation. If you find it difficult to distance yourself respectfully from unwanted challenges, you will lose your power. Systemic Self-Integration releases impulses to change. Positioning people to represent colleagues, bosses or themes reveals unconscious connections in your system as a whole, which can then be dissolved.


You successfully become aware of the personal entanglements with the constellations that are unfavourable for you. The subsequent disengaging processes provide the stimulus to discover your inner focus and to reintegrate parts of the personality that have split off. You will perceive your natural boundaries, create a healthy distance from what is external and your own identity can unfold freely. You will feel stronger again, full of life and energy and thus maintain your achievement potential without burning out.




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