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Film Workshop

Move to movie  (with Frank Behnke & Stefan Lincke)

The world of film – an exciting experience plus an efficient medium for representing human processes.


In our seminar Move to Movie, you have the opportunity to tell the outside world about important processes in your company in a way that will leave an impression – whether it is laying down sales strategies, expanding your corporate values or advertising products and visions.


We work with you to develop your personal film, unconventionally and innovatively


You and your colleagues are the visible leading actors and give the film its individual touch. The efficient interplay between the development of creativity and expansion of the elements of film acting that are taught here will enhance your effectiveness on screen. Film editing, sound mixing and background music will add the finishing touches to your film.


With this measure, developed through teamwork, you can create a lasting, high-profile message across all media that is extremely effective and available at any time.




Team Coaching

Live together, work together - be a team (with Frank Behnke & Fritz Barth)

Every effective leadership communication encourages a positive team attitude and thus helps your company succeed. 


In this seminar, you and your management team have the opportunity to approach the subject of leadership communication and fundamental values interactively. We deal with this challenge by inviting you to set up a theatre company for two days with the clear aim of putting on a stage play together within this timeframe. You will take on all the areas of work of a real theatrical process, such as acting, directing and stage management.


You will be gently led through the principles of theatre work up to the performance of your production. In doing so, you will network further with each other and be able to shape the processes involved efficiently in a respectful relationship with each other. You will be supported in this by an experienced theatre professional who will be the workshop coach throughout the day.


We have deliberately chosen the theme of “comedy” as the genre for this production, since this offers plenty of scope for creativity. Humour and laughter are essential core elements of the workshop. They act as a powerful driving force and will help to create a positive working atmosphere way beyond the seminar itself. After all, humour connects us and creates the space for us to deal with each other on the basis of trust.


The visible results: Everyone was part of it, everyone contributed to this success, across all departments and, most importantly, with a healthy sense of commitment and a great sense of fun!

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