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Change now for world class speaking! 

Convince, win the pitch, retain customers and expand market share –become more successful through targeted communication!

Markets, customers, employees and the way we communicate with each other are constantly changing. This results in new challenges for communication and corporate culture. In future, values such as openness, appreciation, authenticity and clarity will be more important than ever as success factors for board members, managers and key account managers.

Together with an experienced team of experts, luminis communication worlds offer you the opportunity to promote these success factors and develop customised solutions for yourself. 

Be curious. Be creative.

Unlock your potential and use it with purpose. Expand your strengths and leverage them to develop a more powerful sense of yourself. Make your corporate values come alive!

Luminis Frank Behnke ·
Luminis Frank Behnke ·

Increase your charisma and build authentic communications skills.


Learn more about the benefits
of leadership communication training.

Be compelling in presentations, key account management, meetings, and more –
both online and in person.

My commitment is to work with you and help you develop your personal power of expression. We’ll align your communication of your messages with your emotional intelligence. Let my wide-ranging experience in international corporations and my intercultural expertise work for you. Strengthen your presence and become a compelling force in your markets and among clients and employees.

Über uns
Luminis Frank Behnke ·

My unconventional career allows me to offer you an unconventional creative collaboration.

Born in Tokyo and raised in Asia, I developed a deep interest in cultural and linguistic diversity at an early age. My many years working as a banker, combined with classical theatrical training for stage and film, make me uniquely qualified to synthesize art and business. 

In addition, the expertise in politics and business that I’ve acquired as a moderator of economic congresses and trade and professional conferences serves as my inspiration for developing a clear, compelling brand story for you and your company. 


Let my years of experience as a coach and consultant worldwide work for you.

Let’s talk! That’s the best way to find out how I can help you and your company. Call me at 

+49 171 428 45 62 or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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