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Luminis Frank Behnke ·



m +49 171 428 45 62 

Frank Behnke was born in Tokyo and lived in Asia until the age of 11, speaking several languages. His many years of experience as a banker and as a classically trained actor on stage and film have endowed him with a unique ability to merge art and business.


As an international coach and moderator, he’s constantly growing his international mindset, his intercultural expertise, and his skill in speaking several languages.

He serves as a sparring partner for executives and managers of blue-chip companies and top-performing SMEs. He’s always seeking new challenges, always exploring and unlocking new facets of expression in his clients’ communications. He’ll align elements of your personal style like body language and vocal expression and your content into a compelling, purpose-driven brand story. Whether it’s presentations, media appearances, or meetings with employees or business partners, Frank’s mission is to position you for success in your markets and among your peers and managers – with purpose and precision.


Everyone is capable of finding his or her personal path to self-expression: Frank Behnke is certain of that. The craft of communicating authentically and leading meetings effectively can be learned. When you advance these skills, you’ll feel incredibly self-assured on life’s personal and professional stages.


An experienced media spokesperson and moderator, he guides panel discussions and trade and professional conferences, ensuring that they have the right focus and emphasis.
Frank is a native speaker of both English and German.

Luminis Frank Behnke ·


Christina Teuthorn-Mohr resides in the Canary Islands. She works online and across Europe as a journalist for Germany’s ARD broadcasting network and as a communication coach. Her company Magma Coaching helps women entrepreneurs and business leaders communicate authentically and effectively. 

An alumna of Germany’s renowned Deutsche Journalistenschule school of journalism, she’s an editor, journalist, and political scientist with more than 25 years of media experience in Germany and abroad and the recipient of several journalism awards. Over her many years serving as a radio, TV, and event host, Christina has conducted thousands of interviews and her programs have reached millions of listeners and viewers. 

She’s also a certified business coach, NLP coach, and psychotherapist and developed the “Magma Method,” which she uses to help her clients discover their inner fire and effectively deliver their message. 

Luminis Frank Behnke ·


A political scientist and long-time literary and artistic director for the Münchner Kammerspiele theater, Andrea Kindt knows how to orchestrate corporate communications. She shares her experience working with Germany’s most renowned theaters with sensitivity and the perfect dose of dramatic artistry.

Andrea will use your company’s core message to draft communication strategies that activate your organization and your personal performance. She’ll cover all levels of your company’s hierarchy and always strives to create viable, broadly based solutions.


Her focus:
Translating your corporate objectives into language that every employee can understand – and peppering it with entertaining references from culture, sports, and play.


Andrea is also a sought-after ghostwriter and performance coach.



m +49 171 718 04 83

Erika Behnke has multifaceted experience as a therapist and systemic coach. She combines her profound empathy with her training in psychotherapy and systemic thinking and practice to help people develop their full potential. 


Her brand of self-agency coaching, known as systemic self-integration (SSI), enables clients to discover and unlock potential they didn’t know they had. With Erika’s expert guidance, they’re able to integrate that potential into their personalities. In the process, participants clear blockages and discover that they’re able to use their new, deeper sense of self-assurance to approach employees, colleagues, and new challenges with authenticity and confidence.


Erika’s mission is to help people cast off the yoke of outside influence and become their own authentic, strong, and vibrant selves. 

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