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General Manager,

NORD/LB New York

Franks Kommunikationstraining war eine tolle Erfahrung. Mit Franks Anleitung und Technik können Sie Ihre Sprechfähigkeiten verbessern.

Ich hatte eine Rede für mein Team vorbereitet, die einfach nur langweilig war. Unter Franks Anleitung konnte ich daraus einen motivierenden, ermutigenden und fesselnden Vortrag machen. Als ich mich selbst vor der Kamera sah, war ich erstaunt, dass die sprechende Person wirklich ich war.
Frank ermutigte mich, an verschiedenen Techniken zu arbeiten, um meine Kommunikationsfähigkeiten zu verbessern.


Siemens, s.r.o. Praha, Czech Republic

It was my first time. Stage. 500 people. 

To my surprise, it was also the first time that, while still nervous and afraid, I actually focused mostly on THEM. What do I want them to leave with? How do I want them to feel? How do I make it and do this so I make that happen? I feel this thinking on it´s own gave me certain freedom. Allowed creativity and in result allowed me to make it a great experience for those 500 people! 


I thank God for being blessed having opportunity to have met you. And to have a chance to learn, as much as I understand now this is only the beginning of the path of Public Speaking for me. 

I struggle a little bit finding the right words. But I think what I really wanna say is thank you for changing my life for the better. For being the strength and wisdom that have opened door for me that I would have never opened myself. The feedback I´ve received from Siemens Management, and across those 5 days from more than 100 colleagues stopping by every day saying „I did a tremendous job“, that´s something you gave me Frank. Yet it still seems at moment almost as a dream.


I wish you all the best Frank. From the bottom of my heart.

Thank you again!


Siemens Energy Learning & Development

Mit Frank Behnke arbeite ich seit Jahren erfolgreich zusammen. Seine Trainings sind spannend und abwechslungsreich, seine Trainingsmethoden vielseitig und immer an den individuellen Bedürfnissen

der Teilnehmenden orientiert. Bei ihm steht der einzelne Mensch im Mittelpunkt. Durch den hohen Übungsanteil – stets verbunden mit konstruktivem, wertschätzenden Feedback – haben die Trainings von Frank Behnke einen nachhaltigen Lerneffekt und bieten einen echten Mehrwert beim Transfer in den beruflichen Alltag. Und sie machen Spaß! Unter den vielen Kommunikationstrainer*innen, die ich im Lauf meines Berufslebens kennengelernt habe, ist Frank Behnke ist für mich einer der herausragendsten.

Ich kann ihn aus voller Überzeugung empfehlen.



University Hospital of Nice, Department of Dermatology

Dear both,

I would like to thank you very much. Jennifer Bedran, Medical Detailing & Training Director Beiersdorf France, for giving me this opportunity to make this training; and Frank, for this great session. I learned a lot and it will be for sure very useful for my next talks!

Best regards,



Deputy Project Director, Egypt High Speed Project, Siemens Mobility

I went through an incredible one day training with Frank. He provided lots of insights, food for thought and super helpful tips that I can use in my day to day job. His passion and dedication to the topic is second to none. Highly recommended!


Manager Brand Identity


Vielen Dank für das gute Coaching, das hat mir genau die Sicherheit gegeben, die ich gebraucht habe!
Klare Empfehlung meinerseits!


SVP Total Rewards

Bayer AG

Frank is a communication professional – there is no doubt about that. But he is also didactically very strong: Through his training, Frank improved my performance with simple "nudges" even in front of large groups. Situations that were uncomfortable for me are now less uncomfortable and sometimes even a little fun. I enjoyed learning from Frank and gladly accepted his feedback during the numerous practical exercises because he created a constructive and positive learning atmosphere. Conclusion: Great training, great guy, full recommendation!


Consumer Collecting Manager

Red Bull Norway AS 

Hi Frank, 

Thanks a lot for two unique and inspiring days.


This was a hands-on, super helpful and amazing experience. I already used several of the techniques we learned, from storytelling to progressive muscle relaxation (and more) and feel confident that my presentation and storytelling-skills will keep growing in a faster pace after our sessions. Now I know what to focus on to further develop my skills.


Again, thank you! 


Marketing Specialist

Red Bull Norway 

"I have never felt so confident and safe during a communication training. An interactive and proactive training with fun exercises that I learned a lot from!"


SIEMENS Finance Audit Latin America – CF A LAM

​México, D.F.

“Frank Behnke gifted the entire group a sweet taste of the art of feeling comfortable with the uncomfortable! He customized the dynamics - as ridiculous as those may seem - to fit each participant’s style, personality and own challenges. Frank pushed every one of us to our own limits making us realize ourselves what we are capable of doing. He also made sure we understood the reason and use behind each dynamic for us to apply in our daily personal and professional lives. I have not ever before learned so much and enjoyed a communication training as I enjoyed this one. I 100% recommend to enroll in his trainings.”


Siemens Finance Audit Shanghai

“The best communication training I had ever! Unlike the other trainings, it doesn’t ask me to act as someone else, but to be myself, just try to find the deeper part of myself. And it’s a lot of fun!

It’s a course I would highly recommended, not only for communication training, but also for team buildings. After the training, the whole team in the course are integrated.” 

Chief Marketing Officer 

"Thanks to your coaching, advices, rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals, I totally nailed the presentation yesterday. The audience was captivated and I received many congratulations from colleagues, CEO and board members. I really enjoyed it! I couldn’t have done it without your fantastic coaching.  

Many many thanks!"


Managing Consultant Digital Strategy; IBM Watson Advocate; Design Thinking Enthusiast; Scrum-Master Zürich und Umgebung, Schweiz 

"Herzlichen Dank für das tolle und inspirierende Training von letzter Woche. Das Gelernte versuche ich bereits in meinen Arbeitsalltag zu integrieren. Auch persönlich konnte ich sehr viel von dir lernen. Es würde mich deshalb freuen, mit dir im Kontakt zu bleiben."


Compliance Officer Siemens AG

"Um mit Fontane zu sprechen: “... das ist ein weites Feld.” Frank Behnke lässt in seinen Trainings bewusst die Teilnehmer erst mit und dann ohne PPT präsentieren. Zum Schluss darf man dann wieder PPT nutzen und das Ergebnis ist überwältigend. Dienstleister wie iPointing sind das Make-Up für Folien schlechthin, aber ohne das man weiß, was man wie sagen will hilft auch das nicht viel. Mir hilft: - Inhalt strukturieren (Pyramidenprinzip von Minto sehr zu empfehlen) - in Formatvorlagen sowie Tools wie Think-Cell und EffizientElements investieren - Ab und zu mal bewusst guten Rednern zuhören - die erschaffen auch ohne Folien Bilder im Kopf. Ach und ja:, PowerPoint rettet definitiv keine schlecht vorbereitete Rede."


PMP®, Senior Managing Consultant, SAP Project Management & Enterprise Information Management, IBM Germany Serviceline Global Business Services

"Vielen Dank für die zwei Trainingstage auf Mallorca. Im Zuge des Top Talent Trainings "Boos your Appearance" hast du ein Kursprogramm zusammengestellt, welches einen riesen Nutzen im Beruflichen aber auch in privaten Situationen für uns alle bietet. Deine Herangehensweise durch das Eröffnen von neue Sichten, den Aufbau von Spannung und die Teilnehmer aus der Reserve zu locken, ist phänomenal. Gepaart mit deiner charmanten, humorvollen Art und deinen großen Erfahrungsschatz empfehle ich jedem unbedingt ein Training bei Dir zu genießen. Der Impact, den du hinterlassen hast und die Wiederverwendung im Alltag, übertraf bei Weitem meine Erwartungen. Hoffentlich wird es noch weitere Trainings mit Dir geben, Vielen Dank."


Head of Global Functional Lead Processing Beiersdorf AG

"The pleasure and benefits were all mine, I struggle to find a course in my past that had a greater positive impact; I will relay this to other potential beneficiaries. It is good to be connected and to know where to get professional support in case of key events and speeches." Best regards, Jasper


Siemens China

„Thank you. That is an amazing training, not only the training method, but also the result. At first I am embarrassed by the video, but at the end of the day, I feel comfortable and love the video. It is valuable for everyone.”


Siemens  China

„Good practice for presentation skills and architecture. That would be better if we focus on concrete topic, such as Expertise in Industrial Network. Thanks.”


Beiersdorf Thailand

“My vote is 1,000% to offer this next T&S conference. The instructor methods were good, his style of teaching very good and the way he interacted with us exceptional. He has a skill to provide feedback in a positive manner which is commendable.”


Beiersdorf MENA Dubai UAE

“Many thanks for the Presence and Performance Workshop. I found it refreshing and motivating – there were many elements at our daily work that I recognized that can be made better. The workshop was in an enthusiastic way and I can recommend it strongly to my colleagues.”


Siemens Germany

“I found that this workshop was very useful, since you not only learn to plan the presentation correctly and plan the story to send the messages we want our public to receive, but also to get and maintain the public’s attention as well as to learn to present an act to the public to enhance your performance on stage. I would recommend it for all of our PSD colleagues, as well as sales specialist and Marketing Promotion to help us have a better “Story” on our marketing material and videos. Thank you very much for inviting me to the Workshop!” 


Siemens Italy

“It was really a useful training because of trainer expertise and his skills to train us with a coaching approach completely worthwhile. I’ve done similar trainings in the past, but they were more oriented on explanation of basic rules for public speaking. This was the first training where I could really practice and improve the efficiency of performance on stage (where and how to move, use tone of voice, manage breaks and keep audience engagement).”


Siemens India

“This workshops brings to us an all-new way of Presentation; right from structuring your presentation to the delivery. This approach helps you further enhance your connect with the audience and deliver a powerful presentation.”

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